Friday, May 7, 2010


In honor of Mother's Day:

My moma's love is 
huge, but she would love me more
if I had babies.

The problem I often find with haikus is that writing one is never enough.  So here's a series of haiku especially for my moma:

Though I love you much,
I do a mean impression--
the day you pinched me.

You think I'm funny
But you judge me too--when I'm
"not even trying."

I've been poking fun
which isn't too respectful.
You can take it, right?

I bought you a gift
that will make up for meanness.
Happy Mother's Day.

Best moma ever.


  1. First time commenter.
    I'm glad you're doing haikus.
    They make me smile big.

  2. It's true you see
    He/She is not me
    I'm not that concise
    And rarely that nice
    I do poems that rhyme
    At least most of the time
    Instead of Haikus
    Because I'm not concise.

    And I love my Macbook

  3. I agree with Ellen
    Moma is the best ever
    Though tied with Susan.

  4. The above haiku
    only works with some effort
    by slurring agree

  5. My moma's not a fan
    Of syllabic poetry
    I think it's her loss.

  6. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Rhymes are much better
    Than any hiaku.

  7. I'm with Moma on this one! However, Will thought about joining you and Joshua with a haiku or two of his own. But I guess he got too busy lying around waiting for back surgery to play.

  8. I said I should post
    one or two simple verses
    to prove I am fun.

    This is my first time
    to author verse in haiku.
    It is not that tough.

    My spouse posts ill words
    about her man in much pain.
    I think I hate her.

  9. I would join the fun, but a) Moma clearly writes the best poetry, and b) I once wrote a non-rhyming poem with magnetic poetry and it used up every bit of my lifetimes worth of creativity. It's still on Mac's fridge, if you want to read it.

  10. Rob's fridge poem rocks.
    My moma is funny too.
    Will, don't hate your wife.

    These comments thrill me.
    Haikus must come here again.
    Check local listings.

  11. Will said...

    I am doing well
    the recovery is great
    I really love her

    It was a joke El
    You know I don't hate Michelle
    She is wonderful

    I'm actually
    Very pleased with the Haikus
    They are very fun

  12. Late to the party
    Not good at making up rhymes
    Better at counting

    Long summer ahead
    Want to hear "Cubs win. Cubs win!"
    Not, "Wait til next year."

    Waiting for money
    100 K will spend fast
    Poetry lessons


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