Sunday, May 2, 2010

the big wiener

I mentioned in my nametag post that Shane had the highest streak for the month at that time on ESPN's Streak for the Cash.  He had a streak of 25 that ended on the 18th or 19th or so, and he's been waiting for the month to end to see if anyone else could beat that number.  As of Thursday evening there was a guy with an active streak of 23 wins.  He had to win 3 games on Friday to beat Shane, but with the number of match-ups available for picking each day, that wasn't beyond the realm of possibility.  The other guy made a pick on the front nine of a golf match that was played Friday morning.  I was at home working on the pain in my neck with a heating pad before heading in to work an hour late, so I periodically checked the progress of the match.  After the first few holes, it really looked like it was going to go our way, but then it got much closer, and I'm fairly certain the tension wasn't good for my neck.  Right about the time I was going to have to go in to work with the whole thing unresolved, they finished the ninth hole, and my brother unofficially won $100,000.  With the 23 win streaker stopped at 23, there was no one else with an active streak high enough to get to 26 by midnight, so we were safe.  And I use the term "we" very loosely.  So Shane's got a phone interview with someone from ESPN sometimes next week, and I really hope they're going to give him a big cardboard check because I love big cardboard checks.

The idea of him winning the money has been a possibility in our lives since he hit about 20 or 21 wins around the 11th or so, but it's still very surreal.  There was still so much month left for something else to happen, and (I think he'll forgive me for saying this) Shane's just not a lucky guy.  He's deserving and one of the few genuinely good people that I know, and I couldn't be more pleased that he's had this stroke of luck.  But it's surprising, nonetheless.  I'll keep you posted here on how much he actually gets and what he blows it on . . . though knowing Shane, he'll probably spend it wisely.  But I hope not too wisely.

$100,000 is not the game changer that the hundreds of millions that the Popster is going to win in the lottery some day, but if you, imaginary reader, suddenly found yourself the recipient of such a windfall, what would you do?


  1. I know Shane will disagree, but it could not have happen to a nicer guy. Since your sister, Michelle, agreed with me on Facebook it is now a fact that Shane is the nicest guy who could have won ESPN's Streak For The Cash for April 2010. Facebook would not lie.

    The cardboard check will probably not happen. I doubt ESPN will travel to Little Rock to present the check in person. If you want we can make a cardboard check and give it to Shane. You can be Miss ESPN and have the honor of presenting the check.

    Anyway, I am glad Shane was the lucky guy for once. I have been lucky enough to know both Shane and you for the last two and a half years. That is worth more than $100,000 any day.

    From ESPN: (I would like to post the link to this but I guess after a day or two of declaring Shane the unofficial winner they decided to change the leaderboard banner.)

    Congrats to our unofficial winners from April. davidshanes from Little Rock, AR won the longest streak with a W25 for $100,000. And celinabull91 from Las Vegas, NV won the Most Wins for $2,500.
    All streaks have been reset to zero for May's new contest where another $100,000 is on the line. Thank you for your continued interest in the game and good luck in May

  2. If I had $100K...

    If I received such a windfall, of course, 10% goes to Jesus.

    But don't get me wrong, I'm sure I would do some selfish things with it, too. The very next thing I would do would be to pay off all my stupid credit cards. Then I would pay off my vehicle. Then I would put some as a down payment on a house.

    I would try to put a few thou in a savings account and maybe give the 'rents a few as well.

    The rest I would probably give away, some to charitable organizations that I love, and some just to people that I love you, Imaginary Blogger. :)

    Because I've found the words of our Lord to be true, "'Tis more blessed to give than to receive."

  3. I have been pondering this question for a few weeks now. But I do not want to give the answer here because it would spoil the surprise.

  4. The real question is do you take the 10% out of the full prize money or out of what you bring home after taxes. I've heard that Uncle Sam will get about half.

    I'm anxious to hear what Shane's got planned. I figured that he'd pay off his house or give it away or something, but I think that he should at least consider using it to buying enough gas to drive to Beebe to play ball with me tomorrow night.


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