Saturday, May 15, 2010

welcome to the world, baby girl

This is Josie.  She's about 30 hours old (though she was only abut 26 hours when this photo was taken).  In her brief little life so far, she has been showered with more love than lots of people ever get to know.  She is a blessed little girl, but she's a blessing too.

Josie is the brand-new daughter of cousin, scholar, theologian, and #1 blog fan and his sweet, long-suffering wife.  She's the little sister of the tiny Goliath.  She's also the granddaughter, niece, and cousin of some of my favorite people in the world.  She's going to be one of those favorite people too.  I thought she had potential last night when I met her through some nursery window glass when she was less than ten minutes old.  Tonight I went to get to know her better, taking tempting desserts to occupy everyone else in the room so I could be a baby-hog.  And I decided that she's going to like me, just as much as I like her.  And honestly?  Even if she doesn't, she's stuck with me.

Already I know that she's beautiful and wiggly and a pretty decent sleeper, but I don't know much about her personality yet.  She's just too fresh.  But I know where she comes from, so I think I have a pretty decent handle on what she could be and what she will do in her life.  So let me tell you, imaginary readers, about Josie.

Josie is going to grow up learning experientially about love.  She's going to feel love in the meeting of her physical needs.  Love is the reason that she'll sleep in a bed each night with a roof over her head and have food to eat.  Love will provide her with clothing--lots of precious, girly clothing.  Love will protect her from injury and illness and care for her when those things find her anyway.  Josie will always know that love means taking care of each other.  And as she grows up learning that, she will become a person who takes care of others.

Josie will know she is loved because of the attention that is lavished upon her.  She will be held and cuddled and hugged and kissed and patted.  She will be played with and read to and sung to by so many people.  When she walks and speaks and dances and feeds herself and learns to read, those milestones will be positively reinforced by the cheering crowd around her.  She'll always have people who talk to her and listen to her and encourage her to grow and develop.  She will be secure in her own value as a person because she has been valued.  Josie will always know that love means taking the time to encourage.  And as she grows up learning that, she will become a person who encourages.

Josie is going to learn that love is sometimes hard.  She will be taught difficult lessons and feel discipline.  She will chafe under all that attention sometimes.  She will feel disappointed when those modeling love for her don't model perfectly.  She will learn that liking and loving are occasionally farther apart than they should be.  But Josie will always know that despite trials love never fails.  And as she grows up learning that, she will become a person who loves unconditionally.

Josie will experience love as joy.  She will live surrounded by laughter.  She will be the delight of many and delight herself with those same people.  She will learn that loving someone doesn't mean you can't poke fun at them.  She'll experience teasing as an expression of love, and she'll grow into giving as good as she gets.  Josie will always know that love doesn't take itself too seriously.  And as she grows up learning that, she will become a person who loves in laughter.

These are traits that I know love will grow in Josie's life, and I pray for those of us who are surrounding her and loving her and teaching her through our actions and words and examples especially her sweet moma and wise daddy and funny brother.  The job of family is to show her what God's love looks like up close.  May He bless the lesson and this tiny, precious life entrusted to our family.

Welcome, Josie.


  1. Your words are beyond beautiful, but they pale in comparison to the heart from which they proceed. May God give us the grace to be all that you have called us to be.

  2. I think you should have this picture at the top of the next several "opinions", since this is my home page and I see this sweet, pretty baby (which has to be Jenni's genetics) everytime I pull up the internet.

  3. Very sweet and touching ode to a newborn child.

  4. Loving someone might not mean that you can't poke fun at them, but you can't poke fun at them for things that might be true... That's just mean-spirited.

  5. I just saw the picture of your PRECIOUS Josie. She has the best sugar trough of any baby I've ever seen. (that's the crevice between the nose and lip)


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