Wednesday, September 21, 2011

gcabh round 1: frostop

The experience:
I was running late.  I nearly always am these days, but I thought I'd still be able to beat CST1BF to the restaurant.  Our destination was quite near home, so my plan was to swing by the house, change clothes, and pick up Jess.  Work had other plans.  Mac was at the place before I ever left work, so I called and made Jess meet me there.

When I finally arrived, it seemed like CST1BF might have been waiting longer than twenty minutes I thought had elapsed.  He was like Norm from Cheers.  Everyone in the place was involved in his conversation.  It turns out that the owner of Frostop also owns the rug store next door, the very same rug store where Mac will tell you he didn't buy a rug four times.  Apparently not buying a rug from this dude is a bonding experience.

We stood at the counter contemplating orders and were loud and chatty and obnoxious.  Those people. But CST1BF had obviously talked us up because Jess and I (and later Shane) were greeted with the same warm, effusive manner that had embraced CST1BF.  We have not established a lot of elaborate rules for our hunt, but it turns out, one must actually order a burger to participate, so I put off trying the gyro for another day.  They serve a giant pounder called the Big Daddy, but I stuck with the single, adding bacon and cheese.  Given a choice, I almost always choose bacon.  CST1BF also added mushrooms, Jess had a regular cheeseburger, and Shane ordered the double.  There was a tot option that I took over the fries because fries are unreliable but tots are always as expected.  It turned out once the orders arrived that their fries were really excellent, so I'm sorry I didn't take a chance on them.  I'll know for next time.

My three companions also went for the root beer, served in a frosty mug, naturally.  As a staunch root beer hater, I abstained.  They do have lovely crushed ice at this place, for the ice enthusiasts among my imaginary readers.
It seemed like our burgers arrived speedily and did not disappoint.
If that ridiculous face isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.

Here are the official comments from our panel of judges:
From CST1BF (who takes this hunt seriously):
1. Size - even the single was a sizable burger
2. Options - mushrooms, fried egg, and other unusual options were available along with more traditional toppings.
3. Wasn't too dry or dense and wasn't too greasy.
4. Sides - fries were good, and I liked the tots option

1. I'm a mustard connoisseur, and I wish that I'd had the option of dijon or spicy brown mustard.  There was a little too much mustard on my burger which got in the way of some of the other tastes.
2. No pickle spear.  I think that a pickle spear is a great side item with a burger, and I was sad not to get one.

Overall score: 8.5/10  A very good burger

On the whole, I was very impressed.  I liked the eccentric atmosphere (americana decor and home-made baklava in the same place).  I liked the friendliness of the staff.  Mr. Joe is a super nice fella even if his trinitarian theology leaves something to be desired."

From Shane:  
"This is a tasty burger"--an initial response that sparked a string of Pulp Fiction quotes from the guy at the next table.  (A word of caution about the linked clip:  there's some shooting and dropping of the f-bomb if you watch the whole thing.)
When I tried to pin Shane down on a rating out of 10 (which is our agreed-upon standard), he couldn't commit.  I suspect that three to four weeks after our hunt has ended, Shane will be prepared to rank all burgers in order, but I doubt I get a single number out of him until then.

From Jess:  
8/10 with no additional comments.  Her plate cleaning shall speak for itself.

The final word from your fearless blogger:
Great fries, great ice, lovely dining experience.  I was the first to vocalize the excess mustard, but aside from that, the burger was a triumph.  As I once famously said in reference to Chris Hemsworth, "there is nothing wrong with that."  I'll give the burger itself an 8/10 also.

Stay tuned for our next riveting adventure in Burgerland, appearing sometime before next Wednesday.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

the great central arkansas burger hunt

CST#1BF doesn't get to hang out with me as much as he'd like, so this fall he's manufactured a handy excuse to drive to the Rock weekly to teach our Wednesday night class at PV just so he can see me.  I know it sounds desperate, but my appeal is just that strong.

Since we're going to be hanging out every week, he's created a little adventure for us to undertake:  to find the best burger in the greater Little Rock area.  We've got at least five eateries on our list so far, and for all you Central Arkies out there, this is your chance to be part of something so much bigger than yourselves:  you can post your suggestions for good burger spots in the comments here, and we may try to add your suggestions to our quest.

We actually sampled our first contestant last night, but I'm still tabulating the results, so I don't want to tell you about it yet.  I guess you'll have to tune in later.  I will post the official verdict no later than Tuesday night and also maybe announce the location of our second stop on the Burgertown Express.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

things about which i'm not blogging (a list)

  • stress-induced eyebrow twitching--it's like hiccups for your eye
  • graduate school--doing homework is just as unpleasant as I remembered, but I might be secretly good at this whole library school business
  • at least three interesting and blog-worthy recent craft projects
  • my internet-crush on Pinterest which led to the aforementioned recent craftiness
  • staving off illness through sheer force of will--because I certainly haven't been taking good enough care of myself to have had only the tiniest brush with that cold
  • Harry Potter haikus--the most recent addition to my "things I wish I hadn't quit" blogging list
  • work insanity (because if I let myself start, I'll never stop)
  • 6 a.m. womens' bible study at PV--because I love Jesus enough to iron my clothes at night and wake up before dawn
  • getting to see my moma all the time (or every two weeks) and it still not being enough
  • manufactured drama that might have made you laugh
and a brief list of things about which I shall blog (or die trying):
  • a Holy Grail-style quest to find the best burger in Central Arkansas starring many of your favorite blog characters (and CST#1BF)