Tuesday, September 13, 2011

things about which i'm not blogging (a list)

  • stress-induced eyebrow twitching--it's like hiccups for your eye
  • graduate school--doing homework is just as unpleasant as I remembered, but I might be secretly good at this whole library school business
  • at least three interesting and blog-worthy recent craft projects
  • my internet-crush on Pinterest which led to the aforementioned recent craftiness
  • staving off illness through sheer force of will--because I certainly haven't been taking good enough care of myself to have had only the tiniest brush with that cold
  • Harry Potter haikus--the most recent addition to my "things I wish I hadn't quit" blogging list
  • work insanity (because if I let myself start, I'll never stop)
  • 6 a.m. womens' bible study at PV--because I love Jesus enough to iron my clothes at night and wake up before dawn
  • getting to see my moma all the time (or every two weeks) and it still not being enough
  • manufactured drama that might have made you laugh
and a brief list of things about which I shall blog (or die trying):
  • a Holy Grail-style quest to find the best burger in Central Arkansas starring many of your favorite blog characters (and CST#1BF)


  1. Would have loved to hear about all of those things. (even though I already know most of it) Can't wait until your life calms down a little!

  2. How pathetic am I that this short little non-blog completely made my day? I guess I just really like your words!

  3. The Best Hamburger is the hamburger in Central Arkansas is at the Captial Hotel Bar and Grill.


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