Saturday, July 16, 2011

last chance to make me a millionaire

Last month I got a notice from amazon that they were breaking up with me.  Seems the Wal-Mart State has made a new online tax law, and amazon is dumping all of its Arkie associates as a result.  I'm disappointed, but the world won't end.  I'm not going to starve or anything from the loss of that income.  I've made a couple hundred dollars from them (well, really from the imaginary readers who followed links from this site and bought stuff from amazon) in the past year, and I'd be lying if that wasn't nice (especially the $130 I got all at once for the December referrals).  Gosh, isn't it tacky to talk about money?  Sorry.

I really am thankful to those of you who've indulged my little money-making scheme for the past year or so.  You're nice people, and as a result, I know you'll want to do me one last favor:

My last day as an amazon associate is next Saturday the 23rd, so if you're planning a major purchase in the near future, why not get it done this week, so I can rake in one last fat check?

And if you're not planning on a major purchase in the near future, maybe you'll want to buy me something as a consolation gesture for my impending lack of completely unearned and undeserved income.  Might I suggest:




or even

Even if you're not generous enough to reward me for doing nothing, you can follow those links to get to amazon and get your own junk, and I'll settle for my measly 4-15%.


  1. So I'm going to have to just give you $30 or so, because even though I initially logged on to amazon to buy my tv and associated expensive stuff through your site, I decided to buy it from Best Buy instead, but then I found it again cheaper on amazon and went that route, but forgot to log in through your site the second time. Stupid Mac. And this after you bought me that HUGE cherry coke on our nerd date the other day. :(

  2. Well, maybe you just owe me a huge cherry coke instead.

    Unless you were buying four or more items, you only owe me 4%, but if it was over four items, that'll be 6%. I can take a check with two forms of id.

    Won't you be happy when my deal with amazon is over, and our friendship won't be complicated by money?

  3. I have stumbled across a big purchase on I'm not sure I can buy it by this Saturday. I'll sell you my iPod, right before Apple releases a better one...then you can scream..."I just that one!" Haha


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