Friday, September 3, 2010

the vacation diary: day six

Exciting news ahead:  I have more interesting things to say than to recount the various tv reruns I watched, maybe.  Of course, the best bits of the day are still a secret.  Never mind, it'll be just as boring as usual.  Buckle up.

Day 6 stats:

Wake-up time:  I definitely roused sometime in the 9 or 10 range, but the official wake-up was at 11:41 a.m.  Method:  naturally  General mood:  still sleepy and slightly frustrated with myself because I meant to wake up and get going earlier, but the 3 a.m. bedtime interfered with the plans

Agenda:  Last night I tentatively planned with Jess that we would leave 10ish to go on a little shopping adventure.  When the Gilmore Girl-watching/blogging lasted so far into the night, I knew that probably wasn't going to happen.  I forgot to set an alarm in any case, so when I finally rolled out of bed, Jess was up and breakfasted and waiting around for me to emerge.  I revised our start time to 1ish, got ready in a hurry, and made my list.  While I was covering the grocery portion of the list, I had some lunch.

We headed to various stores in various locations that I cannot share because we were birthday shopping for some folk who read the blog, but I can report that I did find things that made me happy without a significant amount of difficulty.  I can also report that I talked to Katelyn three times during the course of the shopping adventure.  Apparently she's gone to the Alicia school of answering other people's phones, but I did get a little preview of how Nana's crochet camp is going.  Jess was a great shopping sidekick and helped make a final, difficult decision.  By this point, it was after 3, and Jess hadn't had lunch, so she stopped in for some Subway, and I had cookies.  We then hit Sonic for happy hour, and Jess sat in the car eating her sandwich while I shopped for cake ingredients.  I'm making a lot of cakes later.  Also I got to use all my new Envirosax which I got recently at a very respectable price.  I'm pretty sure I was the envy of all my Krogering pals.

When we got home, our outing had worn us out, so we retreated to our areas to recharge.  I watched a couple episodes of the Gilmores while I day five blogged, and Jess did something.  I went back to be social, and turned on various bits of DVRed shows for a while.  We both fell asleep during the Biography of Sarah Silverman.  I might try to finish it another day.

After we woke up, there was channel-flipping which landed us on Tosh.0, which I've already mentioned holds a sick fascination for us.  I had some dinner while that was going on.  I can remember if Jess ever ate, but she's a big girl, so I can't feel responsible for that.  After our guilty pleasure, there was nothing much on, and I  didn't relish more channel-flipping, so we decided to watch some movies.  I let Jess pick, so we started with Something's Gotta Give which she'd never seen.  She was hilarious to watch.  Next up was Unbreakable, which I was all set to enjoy because Shane likes it, and I trust his tastes, but it did not sit well with me.  Also I sorta had the end bit figured out before it happened.  So, apologies to Shane, but I was unimpressed.  We used a couple of Different World episodes to cleanse the palette.  Then I realized that I would need to blog day six tonight or I wouldn't have time for it until late Friday or Saturday, so I let another couple episodes of GG see me through the writing.

Food consumed:  It was nearly lunchtime by the time I woke, so skipping breakfast just made sense today.  I ate the last piece of leftover pizza and breadstick while I made my grocery shopping list.  I ate Subway cookies during Jess's lunch stop and enjoyed a happy hour cranberry limeade while I shopped.  I brought back an old favorite for dinner tonight:  pepperonis, cheese and crackers--and chips and salsa.  It was kinda perfect.  We broke our nightly sundae routine, but Jess had already checked in at Sonic once today, so we didn't even bring up the ice cream this time.

Bright spot:  Katelyn on the phone, hands down

Bedtime:  I'm going to be done typing in a few moments obviously, but there are about twelve minutes left in episode 8, so I'll probably stick it out.  I'm going to predict 2:27 a.m.

Festivities kick in tomorrow with the arrival of my moma and the Popster, the Handful, and far-flung siblings.  There will be cake and cuteness and stuff.  So I'll have better fodder for this blog thing, but less time to actually do the blogging, but I'll catch up eventually.

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