Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the vacation diary: day four

I left out a key part of day three, but since I kept it going throughout day four, I'll just add it in where appropriate here.  For those that want to skip this, day four is just as deliciously boring as day three.  My feelings will not be hurt if you stop reading now.

Day 4 stats:

Wake-up time:  9:07/9:30ish  Method:  My phone rang at 9:07, and I sort of roused and then decided that I didn't care and fell back asleep for another twenty minutes or so.  General mood:  grumpy

Agenda:  I said hello to my internet world and then went to check on Jess.  She was off all day too, so I was a bit nervous that her lazy day off routine would upset my own.  As it turned out, our laziness complemented each other nicely.  I retreated back to my room to work on yesterday's stunning vacation post.  When I checked on Jess at one point in the late morning, she was taking a nap.  I admired her greatly.  I was bored by recounting my own day, so I took frequent breaks to cruise the internet and play spider solitaire.  I've occasionally played spider solitaire in the past, but the last weekend I spent with my family in Lexington, I learned that everyone else was better at it than I, which made me sulkily give it up for a while, but fairly soon my competitive nature kicked in, and I determined that I had to get better.  When I was without home internet for ten whole agonizing days, I had to do something with the computer sitting in my lap, so I devoted scads of time to it.  After 111 straight losses on the four suit difficulty, I finally won the first one a few weeks ago, and I've had a few more successes since then.  My current percentage is 4%, which admittedly doesn't sound good, but trust me that it's a vast improvement.

When Jess woke up from her nap, we flipped channels a bit, and I discovered that we get the Biography channel.  During any other week of my life, I doubt that this would have made quite the impact that it did yesterday, but it was a pretty special discovery.  We tuned in for a Biography of the tv show Home Improvement.  I didn't even know they did biographies of tv shows.  Next up was a bio of Kim Fields, who has definitely aged gracefully.  We looked ahead and DVRed several upcoming episodes.  We flipped off Bio for a while to avoid several episodes of a William Shatner show because even on vacation, I have my limits.  When Jess and I first moved in together, she once made a joke that I wasn't allowed to watch BET, and it's been ongoing for more than a year.  But after we switched off the biographies, we spent some time watching The Game and Everybody Hates Chris reruns on BET, and no one was harmed.  Somewhere in the middle of all this watching, we ate some lunch.  Jess also took an afternoon nap somewhere in there.  That girl can sleep.

My laptop died at some point, and instead of bringing the cord to the living room, I retreated to my room to concentrate more seriously on spider solitaire.  We ordered pizza and in the process debated pizza toppings for longer than strictly necessary.  It probably took us longer to make up our minds than it did for the pizza to arrive.  For the record, Pizza Hut doesn't offer Skittles as a toppings choice.

We watched Gleeruns while we ate and then we took Jess's new crack-free windshield for a spin to Sonic, where after 8 p.m., they have 99 cent sundaes.  Once we got home, we started watching our DVRed shows from the Biography channel.  We saw The Truth Behind Sitcom Scandals, and I now know more about Welcome Back, Kotter, The Facts of Life, and Roseanne than I ever thought I needed to.  We also saw Biography:  Full House, which was an absolute delight.  Candace Cameron has definitely aged well.  Here's the thing I've really learned from watching the Biography channel:  if you are currently remotely successful, you don't agree to be interviewed for the Biography special on a past show.  Just sayin'.  We ended our night with watching Covert Affairs, which I've been watching this summer.  I fell asleep towards the end of the episode and spent the night on the couch.  Jess probably woke me up at some point, but once I've fallen asleep on the couch, I'm impossible to wake up.

Food consumed:  I don't think that I had breakfast--which is not so unusual.  During our marathon block of tv-watching, Jess brought me chips and salsa as a lunch appetizer, and I eventually had some leftover spaghetti.  You'll recall that we had pizza for dinner.  The three toppings we settled on were Italian sausage, ham, and bacon.  There were also breadsticks.  Then there were the hot fudge sundaes, with whipped cream and nuts.  There wasn't supposed to be a cherry, but there was.  I also drank some tea and finished up the last of the good ice.

Bright spot:  Discovering that Kim Fields went to Pepperdine.  Just thought that was nice.

Bedtime:  I'm not sure about the time exactly since there's no clock in our living room.  Jess thinks it was midnight something.  I did wake up once or twice in the night but never enough to consider moving to the bed. 

Here's a spoiler from day five to tide  you over:  I finally found a knitting needle I needed.

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