Thursday, September 2, 2010

the vacation diary: day five

Are you guys sick of these posts yet?  Because I kinda am.  But a promise is a promise, and sometimes when I make irrational blog promises to myself, I keep them.  So after two days of utter laziness and accomplishing nothing of worth, I thought that Wednesday had possibilities.  I could do stuff, accomplish stuff, and not feel as though my brilliant vacation was slipping away with nothing to show for it . . . if I felt like it, anyway.  Apparently a sense of accomplishment is completely relative, but I think Wednesday goes down as a success.

Day 5 stats:

Wake-up time:  9:02  Method:  It's very bright in the living room, and careful readers will recall that I fell asleep on the couch last night so the brightness factored in, and though I had plans to fall back asleep once I crawled into bed, I didn't.  General mood:  I don't exactly remember, but I'm guessing it was all right.

Agenda:  If you've been paying attention, imaginary readers, (and I wouldn't blame you if you weren't) you may have noticed that my days are starting to take on a sameness.  So there was a morning of internet, spider solitaire, perhaps a bit of tv.  Midmorning Jess and I called my moma to sing her a birthday song.  It was a hit.  I didn't talk to my moma long because we're trying to save up our best stories for this weekend when we're together.

Jess got inspired and started cleaning up her room, but I just couldn't find my motivation, so after I ran to the bank, I watched some DVRed gems from the Bio channel.  Apparently Tuesday was some sort of Facts of Life themed day on Bio.  Besides the Kim Fields and The Truth Behind Sitcom Scandals that we watched Tuesday, we also got Cast Confessions about FoL and the Biography for Nancy McKeon.  I've seen Blair, Tootie, Natalie, and Mrs. Garrett with a variety of different hairstyles telling the same anecdotes about the show three or four times, but I'm a bit of an expert now, so that's all right.  I also watched some NCIS eps and some other junk too.

I found the extra needle from the size 4 double-points since the fourth one I had been using went missing weekend before last, so I could start working on the decreases on the baby hat I'm doing right now.  I'll post pictures when I get it finished because it is definitely my best yet.  I took my knitting to church because I always knit during class.  We're doing a book study right now of Simply Christian by N.T. Wright.  I didn't read the first week, so I had every plan to read both chapters yesterday before church, but obviously NCIS reruns and 80s sitcom trivia were more important.  It was a pretty decent class even without having read, but I'm determined to get caught up before chapter 3.  And Bill did bring me a dozen or so movies in a bag with a half-naked man on it.  It got a lot of comments at church.

Shane had one more birthday perk to use up, so we went to Genghis Grill so he could use his free birthday bowl coupon.  Delicious.  On the way home, Jess and I celebrated my vacation with 99 cent sundaes again.  We're getting quite good at that.  When we got home, we watched the DVRed Biography of Bill Murray, which was a huge disappointment.  We also took out the trash because we're not completely irresponsible, but we didn't have the heart to watch anything else after the dismal failure of the Bill Murray bio.  Besides, I had come home with season 5 of Gilmore Girls, and I was ready to reconnect with my Stars Hollow friends, which I foolishly thought I could do while blogging about my moma and delightful aunt.  Multi-tasking was not my friend, but eventually I got it all done so I could go to sleep.

Food consumed:  I skipped breakfast again because it's highly overrated.  I had leftover spaghetti for lunch and a Dr. Pepper float.  The bowl I created at Genghis Grill was a spicy pork/onions/cabbage/celery/rice masterpiece.  And hot fudge is our flavor of sundae choice at Sonic.

Bright spot:  Writing about my sweet moma.

Bedtime:  3:11 a.m. approximately.  Much too stinking late.

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  1. I told you you would like the bag I put the DVD's in. I got my brother-in-law a gift card at A&F and that is the bag they gave me. Plus, I think the guy was just shirtless. Anyway enjoy the bag and the movies.


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