Thursday, June 3, 2010

if my car were an archaeological dig . . .

 . . . it would tell a story.  I examined the person who lives in and uses my car as I drove to work this morning, and here's who I discovered:
  • a person who eats breakfast on the run and obviously prefers maple brown sugar crunchy granola bars to all others and is clearly too hurried to be mindful of crumbs
  • a person with hydration issues--all four cup holders are routinely double- or triple-stacked with empty to-go cups, soft drink cans, and the most attractive orange plastic cups anywhere ever
  • a person with good intentions of keeping her car clean but with very little follow-through--a half-full trash bag alongside the loose wrappers and occasional fast food bag and enough receipts to wallpaper the interior
  • a person with eclectic and disorganized musical tastes, with empty cd cases in the console that never seem to match the cds that are actually in the cd player
  • a person who seems to care about the environment in several important ways
    • Those reusable cloth grocery bags are everywhere.
    • Based on the amount of dirt and debris piled into the deep mud-catching channels on the laughably rugged floor mats, some sort of composting project is obviously underway.
    • It is a hybrid, after all.
  • a person who could survive for several days on the accumulated junk:  loose change, spare clothing, granola bars, bottle of water, reading material, etc. that always winds up back in the car no matter how often it's cleaned out
To sum up, my car is just as embarrassingly messy and disorganized and disappointing as my home, workspace, and thoughts.  Sigh.


  1. The person who could survive in your car is not you unless you've had an ice maker installed that I don't know about.

  2. Robyn, Ellen may not have had an ice maker installed but I belive she bought a bag of ice from Chick Fil A last night. So depending on the time of year, Ellen might be able to survive in her car.

  3. I feel like I should warn you...Will may make ugly comments about the state of your car. I also doubt you could live without an icemaker judging from the workout you gave mine last week.

  4. i always wonder what the csi folks would think if they had to investigate my car or house. would they wonder if i were hoarding french fries under the seats for a future emergency?

  5. I feel like you were writing about my car. I have almost the same stuff in there!


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