Friday, June 18, 2010

because i'm tired of having posts that are almost ready

I always seem to be waiting around on something in order to post the millions of things I want to show you or talk about.  Most often it's a matter of not having pictures taken or transferred or whatnot.  (Well, truthfully, it's most often still being ridiculous behind on the Bible reading, but I can't even hold my head up under all that non-reading guilt.)

So even though it's midnight and what I'm about to show you is only half-finished, here's a look at my knitting progress.  When last we met in knitting discussion, I had finished a badly photographed baby hat.  The next project I began was a scarf with some yarn I stole from my moma.  For most of the winter and spring I worked on it, though really only on Wednesday nights.  I started using knitting as my fidget-buster in Wednesday night class, but I didn't make much time for it otherwise.  Recently I decided that the scarf was hideous and going nowhere, so I went in search of a better project.  Since the first baby hat was so successful and I know lots o' babies, I decided to stick with hats of various sorts.  Thanks to that center of democracy, the public library, I accessed several delightful baby knitting books and then stocked up on soft, kiddo-appropriate yarn. 

******Frugal, library-affiliated blogger's note:  You should never buy knitting or crochet books, especially since most of the books I've seen/used have only a couple of patterns I'd ever make and a dozen I wouldn't.  And once you've made something, how likely are you to make the same pattern again?  If you're the sort of person who has to write on a pattern, you probably make copies anyway.  (Not that I just advocated making photocopies of copyrighted works, though I think making a copy for the purpose keeping one's place in a pattern probably falls under acceptable use.  But don't quote me on any of that rubbish.)  But do quote me on that bit about not buying knitting books.******

My first project comes from this book:

And here's what I've got so far:
The colors might be a bit off, but the bottom of the ribbing is purple, a fairly appealing purple, if you ask me.  The pink is sweet in real life.  
It doesn't look like much yet, but I think it's going to work out.
Here's one of those world-famous live action, self-timer shots.  Pay no attention to the hideous orange shirt in the background.  Make no mistake, it's cuter in real life.
Also please notice my cute new double-point needles.  They're not as delightful to use as my bamboo ones, but I needed a smaller size.
If I were better at this whole live action shooting thing, you could see how I don't hold things correctly to be a right-handed knitter--at least that's what my moma says.  The job gets done either way.

So that's what I'm up to, knitting-wise.  I probably won't be posting a photo of the finished product for a while.  It is going to be a gift for some lucky baby I know, after all. And I have no proof to indicate that some of my imaginary readers aren't infants.  But once all my little hat projects are gifted, I'll do a recap of them all.  

Unless I forget.

******Lamely obsessed blogger's note:  It is supremely difficult to craft a decent sentence while watching NCIS episodes, especially now that I'm the proud borrower of season 1 on dvd since there are no commercial breaks.  It's amazing I finished at all.******

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  1. I happen to know that this gift is going to a lesser baby, but Josie told me that she doesn't hold a grudge and knows that other babies need your attention as well.


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