Friday, April 9, 2010

soulmates #1

So far no one thinks I'm crazy for wanting to marry FHDM though we've never met, but it did occur to me that people might assume that I was making the decision to marry him lightly or in haste.  I only gave that one reason, and though plain-speaking is quite high on my list of admirable traits in others, it is perhaps not enough, by itself to cement a lifelong relationship.  I didn't want you to think I don't have many reasons, imaginary readers.  I'm starting the "soulmates" series today so you can feel just as confident as I in my choice.  Also once FHDM starts reading my blog, he can see the proof that we should be together and most of the work will already be done.  I kind of need him to be on board for this to work out, especially because I don't want to live in Portland.  I need for him to like me enough to move cross-country for me.  (Are you reading this, FHDM?  I'm not saying we have to live in Little Rock, but something in the Central Time Zone would be preferable.  We can talk about it.)  

Today I was reading stuff that FHDM had written on his blog back in 2008 because reading archived blog posts completes me, and I feel it's important for me to get to know FHDM if we're going to spend the rest of our lives together.  And in this post dated December 9, 2008, FHDM reveals that he played the tuba in high school.  Maybe I knew this already.  Maybe he's mentioned it in one of his books, but I definitely didn't remember until today.  Maybe it was an insignificant detail before I knew we were going to get married, but now in light of our soulmate-ness, it certainly falls under the category of big freakin' deal.

Because, dear friends, I played the tuba in high school.

Let that sink in for a minute . . .

Is your mind blown?

I'll be back with more later, but I really think today's post makes my point for me.

Love and stuff,
the future Mrs. FHDM

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  1. Elijah plays imaginary tubas fairly frequently too. He builds them out of his blocks or just uses his hands and arms and goes "whoot whoot" in his deepest voice. I'm not saying that you and Don aren't attractive people, cause you are, but that kids the cutest little tuba-ite I've ever seen. I'll try to get some footage up on youtube soon.


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