Wednesday, March 31, 2010

notes from my death bed

My Kentucky niece and nephews (known around these parts as Ring, Pinkie, and Thumb of the Handful) are the cutest little carrier monkeys in the world.  I almost don't mind that they gave me some infectious disease because I got to play with them and love them over the weekend.  My Virginia nieces (Pointer and Bird) were equally cute but not contagious, so I don't have any mixed feelings about seeing them.

We gathered this weekend to celebrate Rachel's birthday.  Baby girl turned seven yesterday, and we had an Ancient Egypt party, which was fairly awesome. Someday when I'm not queasy and exhausted by existing, I'll post a picture or something.

But not today. 

Jess is officially the best roommate in the world.  While I languished in my illness today she went back to old apartment and finished cleaning for us.  Remind me of this someday when I don't want to wash a dish she's used.  She's awesome.  Of course, when I die from this wasting disease I've contracted, she'll also have to deal with all my junk at the new place.  Lucky for her, I guess, I've unpacked almost nothing.

I'll feel sad later if this is our last communication, imaginary readers, but I lack the energy or inspiration to do more for you.  Goodbye forever.


  1. Indeed, it was a very strong bug they carried! I feel certain that you will live to blog again, because I feel almost normal 48 hours later. And Way to Go, Jess!!

  2. I think the words you are looking for are "Smell you later forever." Seriously, though, sorry you feel "ick."

  3. I was all pumped to say something great, but there is no topping the Simpsons quote from Justin.

  4. You're funnier since you got puny.

  5. Ellen, they may be little carrier monkeys, but the joy and love they bring into your life is worth the sickness.

    The worse stomach flu I ever had I got from my youngest niece, Mac. She was contagious and of all the people in the house, she crawls into bed with me. I considered it quite the compliment. My stomach had quite another opinion about the matter.

    Today is my oldest niece's birthday and I remember with great joy getting the call at 4:00 AM that I needed to be on my way to the hospital because Brook E Brook E was on her way. Watching her get her first bath and fighting the nurses will always be priceless. The I love you call this evening was pure heaven.

    My nieces may never replace my son, but they have brought considerable joy and love into my life. If they want to give me the sickness, I will gladly be there to take it.

    As one of my nieces told her teacher when asked about a special time with her favorite relative,
    "Well my uncle microwaved our socks last night and our dog threw up on the couch for an hour". The teacher then ask "Why did your uncle microwave your socks?". My niece's reply was "He does not know how to work the dryer."

    Uncle Buck

  6. See, I spent that whole anonymous comment trying to figure out which of my wonderful aunts had just called my brother a girl. It was really disappointing to realize it was neither.

  7. If it will make you happy, Robyn I can call Mac a girl.

    Thanks to one of your cousins, Mac has called me a delicate princess. What makes it even funnier is that I was moving furniture at the time.

    Uncle Buck


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