Wednesday, February 24, 2010

neglecting y'all

I can't believe it's Wednesday already.  And you, poor imaginary readers, haven't had a peep from me since Friday.  Bless your hearts, how are you holding up?

It has not escaped my notice that I haven't posted my project 4:4 post for last week's reading.  It was not an earth-shattering week of reading, lots of Leviticus, and I didn't get my Sunday wrap-up at church because my moma was in the state, and we were in the Beeb with the rest of the fam.  It's a shame that I haven't gotten the blog out there yet because I was actually a really good daily reader.  Way to go, Lent.

True confession time:  another reason I've been ignoring my faithful readers is stupid tv.  A few weeks ago, I decided that although I'd quit watching Lost at the end of season 4 over a year ago I wanted to get caught up and watch this last season as it was happening.  Facebook statuses had already ruined a few things for me, and I knew I couldn't live in my world and make it to the end of this season without major spoilers.  So thanks to the fact that the first five seasons are available on hulu right now, I've started back at the beginning.  When I quit watching it, I was really fed up by how dumb I thought it had gotten, but all my friends who stuck with it assure me that it's better.  Still I chose to start with season 1 so I could refresh myself on the parts I actually liked.  Unfortunately, the current season won't be on hulu indefinitely, so I've got to get caught up before the premier expires.  It's a pretty tight schedule to get it done in time, but I'm working on it.  And clearly, blogging is the casualty of my current obsession.

In other tv news, American Idol is finally finished with the painful drama of auditions and Hollywood week, so I can actually start watching and caring.  I've got some favorites in the top 24, but I've decided that I'm not voting this year.  After Tuesday night's show, I predicted the six girls who will make the top 12.  I'm watching the boys right now, so by the time I publish I may have those picks for you.
If I were up to my usual journalistic standards, I would definitely find some photos or links or something, but I just don't have it in me.  So here are my girls:

Katie Stevens--I think she has the voice that the judges like the most, and she's so young and cute, that America can't help but vote for her.  I don't disapprove.  I like her.

Crystal Bowersox--She's the anti-Idol, and I think it's definitely going to work for her.  There are few girls this year with some quirk, but in this blogger's opinion she's the most stand-out and the most talented.  She is my favorite girl.

Katelyn Epperly--Her performance this week was surprising.  I didn't expect her to be so grown-up or serious, and I think that will work for her.  Although I'd be fine if her hair calmed down a little.

Michelle Delamor--I don't remember seeing her really at all before this week's performance, but I was impressed.  She's very polished and distinct, which I hope will work in her favor.

Janell Wheeler/Didi Benami--Yes, I realize that they are two different people.  Since both of these girls made it to the top 24, I've been calling them the twins.  They both have long blond hair.  They're both cute, and they both played the guitar in Hollywood.  I like them both, but when they're not on the screen at the same time, I can't tell which one is which.  I feel like one, but not both, will not make it to the top 12, and I think Janell is the slightly better, cuter one.

Ashley Rodriguez--I'm the least confident about this one, but Ashley is the girl I'd like to see round this out.  I wouldn't be surprised if Haeley or Siobhan made it, but if Haeley makes the top 12, I may have to quit watching.  I like Ashley though.

Okay, since Firefox crashed and lost me a significant amount of hard work, and I had to recreate it in its current less polished and significantly less funny glory, I've had time to get through the boys' performances, so here are my top six guy predictions:

Andrew Garcia--I've been loving this guy since before he did Paula Abdul in Hollywood (though that did buy him a lot of time for me), and I'm sorry that the judges weren't feeling him tonight because I am a giant Andrew fan, and I think he's clearly the most talented guy.

Casey James--I'm ready for all the Cougar Kara stuff to calm down so Casey can focus on winning and marrying me.  He's so pretty.  But more importantly, I think he did a really great job tonight with "Heaven."

Todrick Hall--Clearly not the strongest voice, but he's such a great performer that he's a no-brainer for the top six boys.  I'm not much of a fan, but I think he's probably important to the process.

Michael Lynche--I kinda thought he should have been home with his wife while she gave birth instead of in Hollywood trying out for a tv show, but I really like Big Mike.  I think he's fun, and I think he's definitely better than a lot of the boy crop.

Joe Muñoz--I wasn't blown away by him tonight, but I think he's going to step up in the next couple of weeks.  Voice-wise, he deserves to be in the top 12, and he's cute enough to get there, I think.

Tim Urban--Speaking of cute, I think Tim's sweet, little face is going to be enough to get him into the top 12.  His performance wasn't great, but he wasn't alone in that tonight.  I think Simon's praise of Lee might be enough to edge Tim out, but I believe in the power of the teenage girl to influence Idol outcomes, so I'm sticking with Tim.

I will definitely come back and revisit this in a couple weeks when we get to the top 12, and I'll own up to my mistakes just as honestly as I'll gloat over my successes.  If you're not an Idol fan, apologies.  I've been sorry for everything else today, might as well add that to the list.


  1. Spoiler Alert! Of your top twelve, only nine made the top twenty. But it I think those nine should make the top twelve.

  2. As a non-idol fan, apology accepted.
    I also forgive you for not posting. My friend Brian let me know about a sketch blog he's been doing since New Years, so I was able to supplement my blog reading there. Hope you're not too jealous.


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