Friday, February 5, 2010

music & me: because you miss those christmas album blogs

 Back when I was talking about Christmas music, I mentioned the story of how I lived without a car radio for six months.  I didn't live without music, but my listening joy was confined to songs I owned in a digital format, so I spent half a year not being exposed to new music.  Though if I'm being honest, I wasn't hearing new music on the classic rock station that I mostly favored before the death of my car radio.  I like music by dead people.  I did sometimes listen to country radio, but there's a lot of junk out there in country music these days.  Just sayin'.

When the death of the Focus (sigh) brought a working radio and a car payment to my life a year ago, I was excited about the prospect of radio.  That lasted for a minute.  I'd been out of the loop too long, and I was too used to a life of hearing only the music I liked.  I don't remember the specific incident that compelled me to give up mainstream radio entirely, but one day in a fit of dissatisfied station-flipping, I stumbled upon Christian radio, specifically K-LOVE.

I had always been that person that judged Christian music, mostly without listening to any of it.  I figured if those folks had any real talent, they'd be doing real music.  I also thought that people that listened to Christian music were probably homeschooling their kids and not watching anything that wasn't G-rated.  I was a jerk.  I get that.  But I'm not really the self-censoring type.  I typically suppose that if my faith or value system can't withstand a few cuss words or drinking or, for lack of a better descriptor, wrong living, then it's not much of a faith.  So there was no reason for me not to listen or watch or read whatever I wanted, and I guess my logic was that I didn't need Christian music or movies or fiction.

What I discovered is that I like Christian music. And apparently any new song I've learned at church and liked in the past seven years came straight from the K-LOVE playlist.  Well, not straight I guess.  Someone had to come along and arrange an acappella version, but close enough.  Another amazing discovery:  listening to "positive, encouraging" Christian radio sometimes actually makes me a better person with a better attitude.  Seriously.  It's not constant and foolproof, but I did notice a difference, especially at first.

I'm not all Christian radio all the time.  The deejays are sometimes enough to send me away.  I can barely tolerate talking on the radio at all, and there's a lot of talk on K-LOVE and sometimes they're just too positive and encouraging [Can I admit that without getting on the fast track to hell?], so I occasionally flip back to a few other stations, but since working radio also means working cd player and since Al has a six-disk changer (a big step up in the world for me, automotively speaking), when I get tired of talking, I typically switch to cds, which these days means Glee soundtracks in a continuous loop.

Wanna hear more about music I love?  Maybe I'll blog about my Glee-love one day soon.


  1. I think I may be offended by your previous judging. And I miss KLOVE.

  2. Jenni says the same thing all the time about Christian music. I feel the same way about their DJs. That drippy-sweet, oh so sincere voice they use when they're telling me how blessed they hope my day is always feels canned to me. That's probably totally judgmental, but there you have it.

    I listen to NPR almost exclusively when I'm not listening to lectures or something else that I've downloaded from iTunes U.

  3. One Following FollowerFebruary 6, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    I went through a stretch in my life where I was a cd only person, because I hated listening to commercials. But then one day I was in your car listening to K-Love. I was hooked. So now I listen to it all the time, except for when too much talking drives be to a cd. But it is usually a cd by a K-Love artist.

    I am not a road rage type person, but I am sure K-Love would help if I were. I have put all my Christian rock and Acappella music on my mp3 player, and listening to God music does reduce my work rage.

  4. I, for one am not offended by your previous judging, because I know that you were wrong.

    I'm glad you've come to an appreciation for some Jesus music. :)

    But I agree...sometimes the DJ's get on my nerves too.


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