Thursday, December 10, 2009

self-indulgence and rambling and an idea for soon

There are just enough people in the world who don't die of boredom when I speak or write to give me this false sense of encouragement to start this blog.  I can get you names if you want to send hate mail.

Back a hundred years ago, I occasionally blogged on yahoo360, which doesn't exist anymore, and sadly all the desert island entertainment picks and Monday recaps of my life vanished along with interest in 360.  And while I'm full of self-deprecation and faint mocking about starting this up, the fact remains that I am starting this up . . . so that should tell you something about my intense obsession with talking about myself.  If it wasn't already apparent, stick around for a few posts.  I'll convince you in no time.

The burning topic on my mind right now is Christmas music . . . in fact, my desire to talk about Christmas music is THE reason I started the blog tonight.  But I'll have to tackle that tomorrow.

So, imaginary readers, who don't yet know that I'm blogging, stay tuned for the first recurring feature here on "ellen has an opinion":  Meet my Christmas Albums, debuting tomorrow or sometime when I get around to it.  And if that's not a tease to get you coming back for more, I don't know what is.


  1. I'm on the edge of my seat about your christmas music thoughts. p.s., you need to get a new visual theme, this one sucks. :)

  2. Offensive, Lloyd. Orange is my favorite color, so it could definitely be worse. But it is boring, and maybe someday that will matter enough to do something about.


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