Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a break

Apparently some of my more discerning readers are ready for something besides Christmas music.  Never let it be said that I don't listen to my adoring public.  (Though I will be back to the Christmas series next post--so don't fear, faithful fans)

So now I have to talk about other things . . . hmmm.

Let's talk about tv shows for just a second.  The season finale of So You Think You Can Dance was tonight, but I haven't watched it yet.  I'm going to be decently happy with any outcome, as I pretty much like all the remaining dancers.  My prediction is Russell, which might be the choice of my heart.  But you won't hear me crying if Ellenore, Jakob, or Kathryn win.  I think it would be weird if either Ryan or Ashleigh won, and I think they're definitely not the strongest dancers, but it won't break my heart either.

We'll see how that shakes out, but at the moment, I'm watching tonight's episode of The Sing-off, hosted ever-so-uncomfortably by Nick Lachey.  This show is hardcore lame, and I love it.  I'm pretty sad that Noteworthy went home last night, but I think Nota is my favorite.  If Maxx Factor doesn't go home tonight, I'll probably hurt someone.  Also the purple argyle sweater that Boyz II Men Shawn is wearing is perfection.  I love him, I mean, it.
And while I'm thinking about tv, if I ever meet the inventor of the DVR, I will probably kiss him (or her) fiercely.  DVR is brilliant.  Just sayin'.

I think I made Jess uncomfortable in Kroger tonight.  I was on a hunt for Flipz chocolate-covered pretzels.  They've been on the sale 10 for $10 for the past couple of weeks, and I may or may not have consumed several bags so far.  Anyway, I was looking for them in hopes that they were still on sale, and I was filling the silence by talking about how much I love them, and I said, "I want to have little chocolate-covered pretzel babies."  Apparently that was taking things just a bit too far.  Sorry.

I've been running the dishwasher up a storm this week.  I did all that Christmas baking (Jess's sampling pictured at right) over the weekend, and by the time I got finished with all the batches of whatever late Saturday night, I didn't have it in my heart to do dishes.  So it's been a gradual process tackling the mess.  Plus I made soup for ornament exchange on Sunday and actually cooked dinner for myself last night, and Jess eats and dirties dishes on a fairly regular basis herself.  Yes, I'm trying to justify why it's taken me days to clean up the mess.  But why not waste several sentences on something I could have summed up in a word:  lazy with a capital Z.

I think I was supposed to cover current events somewhere in the break blog, but reality tv is going to have to be good enough.  I've got tv to watch and that amazing cream cheese thing to make for work Susan's birthday.  I have this overwhelming need to bust out the camera and do a Pioneer-Woman-style cooking post about it, but then people might see the background mess of my kitchen and never eat anything I make ever again. Plus I'd also have to find the cable for my camera, and that's as lost as my address book.
Did I tell you that one?  I went on a lengthy hunt for my address book so I could work on my Christmas cards.  And though I'm practically famous for not being able to find my butt with both hands, I did a thorough but fruitless job of looking.  But thanks to the miracle of internet stalking, I was able to get almost all the addresses I needed.  No, your information isn't safe.  Just thought you should know.


  1. Every year at Christmas time, Carl Mitchell brings around large pans of fudge for the folks in the Bible department. It's good fudge with no graininess and plenty of nuts. Yesterday, I had about 7 pieces of it. We had a little cool young couples from church party at our house on Sunday night. (Really it was Steffy Landrum's party, and we just provided the venue.) Somebody, I think that it was baby DuLaney who is old enough to come hang out with us cause she's all grown up now, and also because her boyfriend, Rodgers Mcafee (who may be the nicest guy I know) plays basketball with us on Tuesdays. She made those lightsaber pretzels covered with white chocolate (or maybe it was almond bark, but I think it was white chocolate) and sprinkles. There were some left over, so I took them to work with me yesterday too and ate them. Then I came home for the special 7up Caroling Christmas party which featured, among other things, Jenni's famous reindeer mix (3 kinds of Chex, pretzels, M&Ms, and cheerios covered with white chocolate). I had to eat about a quart of that stuff cause that sweet and salty flavor is so addictive to me.
    Of course, all of those sweets demanded copious amounts of coffee. You may not know this, but my motive for learning to drink coffee was so that I could have something pleasant to drink with sweet stuff. Milk is good for that, but I'm not big on milk. Water with sweets is so bad that I heard they used it on detainees at Gitmo when the waterboarding wasn't working. The coffee in the CoBR lounge is just normal ole' big ran can, but it's always above quality because our coffee-maker is a beast. (I'm convinced that the machine has as much to do with the quality as the coffee itself does). So yeah, I drank about 6 cups at work. Then I made a pot of french press coffee at home b/c I still had Momma's press borrowed from the party on Sunday night. I had two big cups of it.
    Then I at two pieces of ultra-greasy Pizza Hut meat-lovers pizza and a Cherry Dr. Pepper (It's got a KISS of cherry, but is still amazingly smooth).
    Then I went and played basketball.
    Sometime before my last two games, my stomach thought that it would make like the whackos at Copenhagen and do some strange things to protest my treatment of it over the course of the day. It all worked itself out at about 1:00 in the morning, but it was a pretty unpleasant couple of hours before that.
    All of that to say, I am redoubling my efforts to eat responsibly over the rest of the holiday season, and do not need to hear about any sales on chocolate covered pretzels.
    Enjoyed the change of pace, and I'm still anxiously awaiting the Christmas movie blog that I know is coming soon.

    [Dear Robyn - For an example of what to write in response to one of Ellen's blog posts when you don't really have anything particular to say about it but still enjoyed the post and want to engage Ellen in some way, see above.]

  2. Ellen, I am a little upset that I wasn't mentioned by name as the person suggesting your current events rants and raves, but I'll be ok. I know we haven't always gotten along especially since I stole your former bestie to be my bestie but that's ok. I know your missing me terribly already, write a current events blog and think of me.

  3. Dear Ye,
    A) You are a jerk.
    B) I like Ellen enough to engage her in more
    personal ways than blog comments.
    C) Nobody wants to hear about the workings of
    your digestive system, least of all me. You
    couldn't have just recommended some current

    Your sister


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