Saturday, May 7, 2011

harry potter haiku #4

I had a a few written ahead of starting this project, but after this one, I'm caught up.  Now's your chance to pray that my writer's block kicks in and ends this series.

Sorting is stressful
if you don't want Slytherin
but the hat listens.


  1. At Number 4 Privet Drive
    In the cubbard where spiders thrive.
    Where The boy who lived stays
    Orphaned, alone all of his days.
    Until Hagrid brings Harry his letter
    Going to Hogwarts where life is better.
    With Ron and Hermione sorted to Gryffindor
    Learning charms, potions, and so much more.
    Harry's a natural at quidditch as seeker
    Possessed Quirrell is the sneaker.
    The dark lord lives in Quirrell's head
    Though most wizards believe he is dead.
    Lord Voldemort wants the sorcerer's stone
    To create a life and body of his own.
    The power of love that he does not know
    Is enough to defeat him and lay Quirrell low.
    Gryffindors celebrates at the year end sup
    Neville Longbottom wins the house cup.


what do you think?