Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Seasonally-appropriate poetry:

Wintry weather nears--
More menacing than last time.
Snowpocalypse Eve.

Snow days fill my soul,
but I won't get my hopes up--
burned by that before.
Phil said spring would come
Guess the weather is balmy
in Punxsutawney.

Run on bread, milk, eggs.
Attention Kroger shoppers:
French toast goes with snow.

One piece of advice
if Snowmaggedon finds us:
turn into the skid.

Fear not, faithful fans,
Snowfallocaust may provide
guest post tomorrow.


  1. A rhyming haiku!? You rebel!!

    Also I loved the various eschatological weather words.

  2. Frosty winter day
    Everything covered in snow,
    Fluffy white blanket

  3. Snow storm on Wednesday
    Each branch encased in whiteness
    Glittering Beauty

  4. The approximate rhyme of balmy and Punxsutawney was completely accidental. I did notice before I published and almost changed it because I hate approximate rhyme, but my adoration of the word balmy overcame my better judgment. So now you know.

  5. Haikus are splendid
    And beloved by all of us
    But I want love songs


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