Wednesday, January 5, 2011

if my blogger account were a twitter account

Lately it seems all I'm capable of stringing together are brief snippets more suitable to Twitter's 140 character limits rather than the robust and complex posts to which my faithful readers have become accustomed.  I had big plans for a specific Christmas post, but it was fairly time-consuming, and I ran out of Christmas season before I could devote the appropriate amount of time to its completion.  Maybe next year.

And my determination to complete that posting project coupled with a rather hectic holiday season derailed any good intention of taking one of those snippets and developing it into adequate blog fodder.  So since it's a new year and excuses are for losers, I'm going to roll with what I've got.  Today I present a post in tweet-sized chunks: thoughts to close the old year and kick off the new in 140 characters or less.

  • I have no idea how I managed to do twelve posts between December 9th and 24th in 2009.  I could barely spell my name  in December 2010.
  • Because I'm a shallow selfish girl, all I want to talk about are all the Christmas presents I got, but no one would enjoy that but me.
  • I have a twitter account but no inclination to ever tweet.  I blame my stubborn insistence on using my phone only as a phone.
  • If I tweeted, I'd retweet FHDM's plug for today's Resolution blog.  Worth the read.
  • Speaking of  FHDM, I got my Blue Like Jazz associate producer t-shirt in the mail last week.  First gift from my soulmate.  Score.
  • For the first time since 2005, I didn't place in the top two in my girls fantasy football league.  I came in fourth.  Lame.
  • My moma's preacher says no one cares about the fantasy teams of others.  People listen so they can talk about their own teams. He's right.
  • When I came home tonight, my freezer door was standing wide open.  No idea why.  I'm not blaming Jess.  Throwing away food is depressing.
  • I just found an unopened bag of chocolate-covered pretzels.  I'm considering eating only the recommended serving size.  Think I can do it?
  • I feel the need to brag about accomplishing mundane tasks that any normal person would be embarrassed to admit they'd left undone.
  • My Christmas tree is still up, but I've only been home a day and spent most of it sleeping and at work.  I once took my tree down at Easter.
  • I did not make anyone (including myself) cry at work today.  Some days it's the best outcome for which I can hope.
  • Michelle got a fancy new camera for Christmas from my brother-in-law.  She's a good sharer.  I like her.
  • If Jess reads this post, she will hate it.  She's anti-twitter.  Hey, she just walked by.  Hi, Jess.
  • I have a story about my landlord that lots of readers already know.  I can't tell it without being insensitive with these character limits.
  • At one point today I had approximately sixteen tabs open in my browser.  I have internet ADD.  Bad.
  • I almost wrote about how cold my feet are-then I realized that I was in the tweet trap: talking about what doesn't matter as though it does.
That's when I knew it was time to quit.  And if you were waiting to hear about the pretzel outcome--I did indeed eat only one serving (eight measly--but delicious--pretzels).  It's good to be back.


    1. Ellen, it is good to have your new post. I missed your opinions by going without a new post for 24 days.
      I am sure it was an honor for Joshua's birthday blog to be your blog for 24 days. Very nice present to your youngest brother.

      Personally, I am looking forward to a wonderful Samples/Hawkins/Sandlin/Nickelson/Malugin family Christmas blog. The family post are still my favorite.

      So let all of your imaginary readers raise a toast to more of Ellen's opinions in 2011.

    2. awwww...I like you, too! I'm also very impressed with you sticking to a serving size. Now that I'm home, I'm hoping I can as well. And if I can figure out how to get you access to the pictures on my new camera, you can blog about some of those. Wouldn't it be nice if that happened this calendar year??!!

    3. You should've blamed me for the freezer left open. I do create at least 95% of the disasters here! #justsaying.

    4. I always keep nine tabs open in firefox. Though I usually close any others when I am done with them.

    5. Robyn usually keeps about 24 tabs open so that she can feed all of her facebook pets and hatch all of her eggs. I get uncomfortable if there are more than 5 or 6 open at a time.

      I can so totally identify with tweet number 2. Jeff and I always have a conversation where we tell each other what we got, but when I got to work I felt weird asking all of the grown-ups that I work with what they got for Christmas.

      Number 7 is not right. I don't care about other people's fantasy teams and I only listen because there's a chance that the conversation will turn to comics.

      I'm anxious to hear the next episode in the landlord story and look forward to the season finale where you introduce your new landlord to Shane. However, I do admire your sensitivity and agree that it'd be difficult to do episode one on a blog without being a total jerk. I'm pretty sure that once the new girl reads that, she'll really respect you and it'll be the start of a really tight friendship. Once you've got that, you can name-drop whenever you tell a story about anything, which I think we'll all agree is TOTALLY cool.

    6. I totes care about your presents, but of course, I like to be your friend in person from time to time, so I've already heard.

      As for the girls' league, the one I started because I should always do well in it? I think 3rd is the highest I've ever placed. Guess that's what I get for trying to scam my female friends. But I'm not trying to scam my male friends plus you and I never do well over there either.

      I wonder how the Chisms feel about being left out of the family fun...

    7. They don't have to be left out of the family fun. I can't help it that they're not dedicated enough to read my blog.


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