Saturday, October 2, 2010

peeps' past painted pottery projects

Many months ago, I wrote about Beckypalooza and my Peeps, and careful readers may recall that I promised at that time to post photos of our our pottery painting once I'd picked them up.  Well, I did pick them up, and I did take some photos of the pieces, but you'll notice photos of the projects have never appeared here.  Just one more way that I'm a blogging failure.

But now in a web redemption worthy of Tosh.0, I present the pottery pictures:

 First up, Martha's:
 She created a drop-zone bowl for the Clintster's keys and change and such when he empties his pockets.
 This is the only piece I haven't seen in person since Martha picked up her own piece, but based on the photos, it turned out just right for him.  The bottom of the outside is blue--they sent me one picture with the flash on where you can definitely tell that, but it made the red inside look yellow.  The pieces are so glossy once they're glazed and fired that photographing them is a bit tricky.
 The top of the outside is one of the special speckled paints that you can use.  I like it.

Next up is Amy's plate:
  For the a, Mo and I had to sketch a few different possibilities, and she chose this one that I drew for her.

It was a simple design that turned out great--the colors are great, despite what the photos may suggest, and Amy did a great job.

Mo did this little lop-sided bowl with a very interesting shape.

Smon painted it super-cute too.  Here's the first side with her name.
The tall side.
 The opposite side with Michael's name
 A view down into the inside with perfect polka dots.  I love it!

Rob stressed and labored over a mug.  It turned out great, but she was full of angst the entire time.  Bless her little heart.
 Those circles were not easy.  You stressed for nothing, Rob.  It's adorable.
 Allegedly she's going to use it to hold her little aloe vera plant in her kitchen window, but I don't know if she's repotted it yet or not.

Hailey chose another interestingly-shaped bowl to hold her keys.  I donated some of my distinctive keys to the project as models.
 I've seen it in her apartment with keys in it, and it's perfect.
 The outside is green, but the flash washed it out in this picture.
 That's more accurate.
 I really, really like it.

Becky did a vase for her new kindergarten classroom in Middletown school colors.
 Another brilliant use of polka dots.

Weird lighting on this one.  Sorry, Beck.  Of course, I'm also sorry that I still haven't mailed this baby to you.  At this point, I'm just going to bring it to you at the wedding.  But I do feel guilty about not sending it yet.

The project I worked on that day was an anniversary present for my moma and the Popster.
 I used the colors of my moma's Fiestaware for inspiration.  The colors themselves were perfect, but the execution was just okay.
 One of the tricks to pottery painting is that you have to do three coats for it to be completely opaque.  But I lose track of the number of coats fairly frequently, so the initial and date didn't turn out dark enough.  Plus, it's the ugliest M I've ever written.

But my moma of course pretended that it was perfect.  Additionally to clarify, though they appeared in the blog in reverse order, I painted and presented my pottery to the olds before those little upstarts gave my moma pottery for her birthday.

And that, imaginary readers, is how we whiled away a delightful afternoon of Beckypalooza way back in June.

You're welcome.

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