Sunday, August 29, 2010

the vacation diary: day one

Been missing me?

I'd like to be able to tell you about what's been keeping me from you, my faithful imaginary readers, but I've made a solemn vow not to talk about work, so sorry.

But I started my longest vacation in seven years today.  And I'm going to log the exciting events of the whole vacation for you here.  You're welcome.

Day 1 stats:
Wake-up time:  10:00 a.m.  Method:  alarm  General mood:  relishing that lazy vacation feeling and giddy that the internet at home is fixed after abandoning me for ten long, agonizing days

Agenda:  Item one this morning was some interneting.  After making sure that my world still made sense and wishing Shane an official facebook birthday, I ate some breakfast and watched an episode of The Nanny.  I'm not exactly proud of that, but you're getting the unvarnished reality of my life here.  If it helps, I didn't set out to watch The Nanny.  Jess was watching a show on the DVR, and when she turned it off, that's what was on.

After a shower, a purposeful decision not to iron clothes, and a fruitful hunt for my mp3 player and a fruitless one for the cord to plug it in so I could get rid of the Christmas music, I headed in to work.  I know that going to work seems to fly in the face of being on vacation, but we're hip-deep in a renovation process, that at this stage requires us to pack up everything in our work room.  My deadline to have my desk cleaned out and packed was Friday before leaving on vacation, and I can say with a clear conscience that I met the deadline, but some of the common areas were still in quite a state, and I was in quite a state worrying about when or how or if they'd get sorted out.  So I went and spent a few hours sorting.

At some point in the day I realized I didn't have my phone, but I've finally memorized Shane's phone number for just these sort of no-phone emergencies, so I could still call him to arrange traveling plans.  We drove to the Beeb for Robyn's birthday dinner, which was as delightful as you might expect.  To be clear, today is Shane's birthday, and Rob's is tomorrow, so we celebrated them both a bit.  Small children were adorable, food was amazing, as usual, and my family is quite, quite nice.  Good stuff, and definitely first day of vacation worthy.

Once I got home, I used four episodes of Gilmore Girls season 4 to distract me as I typed this up.  So officially it's day 2 of vacation as I'm wrapping up here, but I'm going to consider it a success.

Food consumed:  Breakfast was a pudding cup.  I ate a leftover sugar cookie so that we could throw the box away while I was cleaning up at work (and somehow skipped lunch for the 2nd day in a row).  MacMac fed us tater tot casserole, green beans, and corn.  Alicia brought frog eye salad--something I can't explain but is phenomenal in the extreme.  We had banana pudding for Robyn and mandarin orange cake for Shane.  They were both spectacular.  I drank a large amount of tea.

Bright spot:  My sweet Grams telling me about the ironing she has done this week and telling me that she'd love me whether I made her a cake or not.

Bedtime:  It's 1:32 as I type this sentence, and I'll be finished in a moment.  The proofing and posting will take a few minutes, and I'm not exactly sure how much is left in "The Reigning Lorelai," the episode I'm watching now.  So I'm going to estimate 1:56 exactly, a bit late for someone who has to get up in less than five hours, but I'm on vacation.  I can take naps.

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  1. I'm glad that we got to be part of your vacation day 1. Look forward to seeing you this weekend too.


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